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Hello! I’m so excited to be writing this blog post, because it means that my shiny new brand, Freckle & Wild Photography is here! It’s all about beautiful, authentic same sex family photography that is a hundred percent inclusive – photography about love no matter who you love.

There are so many rainbow families in the UK that are not being represented, and I am here to change that. I am one of the first LGBTQ+ family photographers in the UK. I specialise in documenting the bond and love between families.

London Same Sex Wedding photographer


When I started on my photography adventure, I asked myself what was important to me, as a member of the LGBTQIA community myself, I decided being inclusive and providing a safe place for all kinds of love was really important to me. I knew I wanted to build a photography business that would provide photography for people in love to celebrate their love authentically and have it captured as such. The next thing for me was that I didn’t want one ‘type of client’ because I truly believe that every relationship and family is unique. The last was I wanted to represent emotional connection, fun and be a little crazy with it.

Why the ‘Freckle’?

And so Freckle & Wild was born! the freckle side is partly a fun little nod to the face behind the camera, moi! I have quite a few and so I know a fair bit about them.

Did you know that even the most identical of twins can always be told apart by their freckles? because freckles truly are unique – just like you. Every couple is different and unique, every love story has been through different adventures and I include every type of couple. And so friends, we have the freckle!

Why the ‘Wild’?

Having been a part of the LGBTQ community for a long while, I know how it feels to be unrepresented, nervous about approaching professionals and a little worried i’ll be accepted as my true self. I know it is tough for a same sex parents to approach professionals. I vow to represent you and your love authentically.And keep your family safe. I am an 100% safe zone and I will capture your memories with love, passion and zero judgement. There is no need for camera shyness with me, I have a knack for getting everyone to relax around me, shake it off and have so much fun. And really, you are at your most radiant when you are happy, safe and loved. And your little ones are at their best when they’re smiling from happy play time.

As a documentary style LGBTQ family photographer at heart,I hunt down excellent candid gems, expressions of love, kindness, joy and hilarity and all the important (and unexpected) moments. I do this with a very relaxed, laid back style and get stuck in and play too!

You want a wildly passionate photographer. And I am!  And thrilled to tell your love story, document your connection and reflect you as authentically as possible through my work. I am WILD about love, all love. Love always wins. And so you have the Wild.

You can follow my adventures as I meet and photograph Queer couples, same sex weddings and LGBTQ families here on the blog or over at my Instagram.


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