Chorleywood Common Family Photoshoot – The Enslin Family


As soon as Susan booked me in for an outdoor family photoshoot, I was excited! I truly believe there is nothing more important than family and family photographs is second on the list!

You know how they say ‘you won’t miss it until it’s gone’? Well my Mom always kept all of our family photographs stored safely away in a big box. A long story short, the box got destroyed and the photographs lost. When I think about it my gut churns and rumbles with anger and sadness – all those captured memories, gone!

They may be gone, but we’re making new memories every day an I am d documenting the heck out of them. I love the digital age for its backups, backups of back up and if you’re anything like me and my photo storage obsessions, another back up!

That strong gut emotion I feel for my lost photographs – those records of loving, precious moments is very similar to the simmering passion I feel for capturing my clients and their families. I was thrilled to do this relaxed, lifestyle family photoshoot for the Enslin family on a calm September morning on Chorleywood Common.

I immediately warmed to the family, as they, like me hail from Southern Africa and it was lovely to be around family chatting in Afrikaans on our Sunday morning walk! I told the little girl, Leah and her brother, Liam that there were wooden animals on the Chorleywood Common and we decided an adventure to find them was in order! Of course, we stopped along the way to steal some cuddles with Mom and Dad. Chorleywood Common really is a special place for relaxed, family photoshoots.

It didn’t take us long to find them, Leah was enthralled by the bunny, caterpillar and the snake; and Liam kept pointing out new carvings in the wood that I hadn’t even noticed. I love just letting kids play and snapping them that way. I really feel that forcing them to sit still and stare down a lens is unnatural and not fun for anyone, so let them play I say! I aim to capture them at their happiest, most curious and having the best time. I love getting candid photographs of little ones!

We continued on our adventure, wandering over the Chorleywood Common to one of my favourite spots, an open field full of an ever-changing array of wild flowers. This is a gorgeous spot for family photographys as the little ones can run and play, watch the horses go by and stare up at the Kites that often fill the Chiltern skies with their unique cries. One of the most beautiful spots for a Hertfordshire photoshoot.

We found butterflies and explored all the different flowers. I stood back and let Burger, Susan, Liam and Leah interact and play, these are the best moments to capture!


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