Hertfordshire Summer Family Photoshoot -The Beale Family


Did you love the heat wave that hit the UK? I have to admit, I did. 30 degrees and above is my happy place but then I am a Zimbabwean through and through! Last weekend, on one such scorchingly beautiful summer’s day, I met with the Beale family for their post lockdown family photoshoot. The family decided a family photoshoot would be the perfect way to celebrate little Lily’s first birthday too. Turning a whole one year old, is a big deal! And I was absolutely made up that I got to photograph this beautiful day for the Beale’s!

We met on Chorleywood Common under red kites lazily circling in blue skies. If you’ve been following me a while, you’ll know that Chorleywood Common is one of my favourite places for a photoshoot. It offers so much for family photoshoots! Wildflowers, tree lined paths and always has a little magic to it. Perfect for a relaxed, lifestyle family photoshoot! And an excellent spot for Whomper the dog to run and play too. Summer is one of my favourite times for a photoshoot as folks generally feel a little more relaxed and a bit freer, making for some stunning photos.

We had loads of fun, which is exactly what a relaxed, documentary family photoshoot should be. There was lots of silly moments, playful moments and of course moments of love! I always enjoy photographing families and the love between them and this family was no exception! It was an absolute pleasure to spend the morning with Dana and her lovely lot!

What made it all the better were Dana’s incredibly kind words upon receipt of her private, password protects gallery that very same evening (I get far too excited and cannot wait to edit photos like these!) She said:

Oh my goodness Christine,  I was so delighted to see these tonight. Wasn’t expecting them so quickly- you’re amazing! It was so lovely to see you too 🙂
We’ve just stayed up to watch the slideshow (little Lily is in bed though haha!) They are AMAZING. I love the way you captured our family so beautifully, naturally and making it fun and easy throughout the shoot too. In the words of our 7 year old Maya: “Mummy, that was LOADS of fun!” They are wonderful and brought a few tears to our eyes! We will cherish them always! 

Here are some of the images from the family photoshoot out on Chorleywood common, on a stunning August day! If you fancy one too before the Summer ends, have a gander at my packages here or just drop me a line at [email protected]